Work Type:
Thai Aluminum, Stainless Steel Structures

Supplying. fabrication and Installation of approved color (4mm thick) Aluminum composite Parel
(Alucol.ond/Alocopariev Alpolic) as per U S Architectural Aluminum Manufacturer’s (AAN4A) in column, beam and wall surface providing

Supplying. fitting and fixing stainless steel (SS) stair railing of standard height with 2mm thick 62 mm dia pipe for hand-rail, 2 mm thick 40 mm dia -5 nos vertical pipes in each flight, 2 mm thick 20mm dia 5 nos horizontal pipes as per drawing, design including carrying. polishing fabricating, wielding and fixing vvith read by 25mm long royal bolt etc. all complete

Supplying. fiting and fixing gypsum board coiling of 9mm ulck board laminated by mechanical hot press with milk white’ PVLC membrane, framing by aluminium T-bar of natural anodized finish suspended in 600 mm x 600mm grid from celling by 12 SWG double ply wire, fixed to the ceiling by, royal plug, screw, hooks nails etc. maintaining slight lines and desired finished level at bottom face including vertical wooden strut as required^ making holes in slabs or beams by electric drill machine and mending good the damages. if any during execution of the work also including cost of all materials, electricity, accessories scaffoldings for installation, screws, nails, etc, all complete as per drawing design