Agargaon, Dhaka
Working Volume:
312 nos
Work Type:

Labour shed at Agargaon for labours Shade with(Materials, equipment & labour):

Layout and making for earth work in excavation in foundation accepted sand filling foundation trenches & plinth sand having layers levelling, watering and compaction each layer up to finished level. Brick flat soiling in foundation or in floor first class or picked Jharna bricks.
Reinforced cement concrete works, Net cement finishing works, Synthetic enamel paint, Ms Box rafter & column, MS Box Purlin for roofing, Fabrication of Ms pipe as mid column & top and base plate for steel for roofing and wall sheeting including installation all complete. Supply fitting & fixing of corner cap color coated sheet. Supply fitting & fixing fabrication & erection of e-channel of overhead Tank (Ms pipe column, top & base), Supply fitting & fixing window with sunshade, Supply fitting & fixing Toilet paper, soap tray, Supply fitting & fixing best quality brass gate valve with sealant. Special quality CP bib cock PVC concealed conduct wiring, all kind of Electrical item with best quality light, Exhaust Fan, Wall fan, Ceiling fan, Socket, Light, Switch, multi socket, energy serving lamp, Fire extinguisher, wall bracket, discharge valve, Hose pipe and easy refilling system brick end edging. Depth for Soak well, overhead water tank capacity 5000 litre complete installation of 50mmm dia deep tube-well with 7.51tp good quality submergible pump boring dia 125mmm length 165m.